About Us

Stoner Clothing & Accessories

Stonerstyle is a new brand that is dedicated to providing fashionable  stoner products, great customer service, and content..

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality clothing and accessories for stoner community. Our promise is to fit you with the best styles of clothing.

Currently we are working with the world's leading manufacturers who produce high quality weed apparel. The manufacturers we us are mostly based in China, but also in Brasil, Western & Eastern Europe or even in the US (depending on the item that you want!).


“Standard Shipping” is our mostly commonly used shipping method. Standard Shipping guarantees that  your products will arrive between 2-3 weeks (tracking code available on demand). Most of our orders arrive within 10-16 days after order is purchased and processed. Note: Process time normal take 3-4 days and varies depending on the product. Also delivery may take a couple weeks extra if purchased is made during a busy season (holidays, Christmas ).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or want a tracking code! : StonerStyleSup@gmail.com


Most of our apparels come from China. Sizes in China are way smaller than in the US-EUR regions. Please, read carefully the product page and check the sizes board on each of them not receive a small outfit  Preferably send us your measures and we will send the right one.

PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT provide a refund if its a size error, so please check our size charts correctly.

Have a nice visit at StonerStyle, and don’t hesitate to interact with us on Facebook!

Thank you!-StonerStyle